• We run an ongoing fundraising campaign to collect empties (beer and alcohol cans and bottles, wine bottles and cartons).  Volunteers can actively promote, collect and/or assist with the pickup and sorting of empties. 

  • Driving cats for neutering/medical care to or from Toronto Humane Society.

  • Picking up supplies, food, or other donations.

  • Securing food, sheets, towels, take-out containers, or any cat supply donations.

  • Promoting our Amazon Wish List  and other initiatives on our Facebook page and with your social networks.

  • Promoting information regarding TNR and TinyPurring rescue.

  • Assisting with trapping for TNR: if you complete the Community Cats TNR course (2.5 hours), you'll receive a certificate. In addition to assisting Tinypurring to become more TNR-certified, it is a great source of information. See course here: https://www.communitycats.ca/about-the-course