Adoption Process


*The adoption process takes from 7 to 14 days per average, to finalize the adoption:

a) We are doing it on a volunteering time basis.

b) The longer TinyPurring has an interaction with the potential adopter, the more we can learn about future kitty's home, and the potential adopter can learn about the kitty and TinyPurring making sure it is a right fit.


1. Please look at TinyPurring Gallery to get familiar with available kitties

2. Please fill in and submit  the Adoption Form

3. Please schedule the call with TinyPurring's  volunteer to have a 30 min conversation about the adoption details, including topics such as a transition period, a transition room, a backup plan if you have to leave home for more than 24 hrs.

4.  TinyPurring will schedule a virtual tour via video call (Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc)

5. TinyPurring will exchange videos and pictures 

6. Cross reference check will be performed (yours and ours)

7. We schedule an adoption/transfer date and time