Jan A.



TinyPurring takes amazing care of all kittens and cats who are up for adoption. TinyPurring takes them for spaying and neutering and makes sure any meds or treatments they need are taken care of. And they have an amazing play space and toys. So they’re well socialized. Beautiful kitties!

Kally H.



TinyPurring is an amazing organization. They really care about cats and finding them a good forever home. I really appreciate the time they take to get to know each potential adopter and helping them determine which cat is the best fit for them and their lifestyle. They were upfront with me about the temperament and needs of each cat I was interested in - whether the cat needed a companion, a quiet home, or lots of TLC, etc.. Magda is absolutely amazing with her wealth of knowledge and generosity. She was such a source of information and support for me when I adopted my kitty from TinyPurring. The "beginners pack" she gave me included everything I needed - it was sufficient to the point where I did not need to purchase anything else. A great organization of people who truly care about their adoptees. I cannot recommend them enough.




March 16th was the 6-month anniversary of bringing Mintin home and we just wanted to let you know that things couldn’t be better! He is all settled in and happy, and we love him so much.